If you'd like to request a commission, please read through this page and email me here

See the image on this page for basic character art pricing:

For a clean sketch, $20 for bust, $45 for half body, & $60 for full body. For full color, $35 for bust, $60 for half body, & $75 for full body.


Backgrounds, scenes, objects, decorations, & additional characters or creatures are all negotiable - just ask!

Please provide a written description and/or link to a visual reference. I'll follow up if I have questions.

Payment is upfront via PayPal - I'll send a payment request to the email you contact me with, unless you tell me otherwise.

I'll send you...

  • a follow-up email within 3-5 days to clarify your request & confirm pricing;

  • 1-2 rough sketches to accept/choose from;

  • the final image. I accept minor edit requests at this point.

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